Book free on Amazon for 48 hours! (Kindle)

Hello everyone- I am making a Kindle version of 1000 Castaways: Fundamentals of Economics FREE on Amazon for reviewers for a short time - but anyone here can take advantage of this and get their free copy. It is free for the next 48 hours  (all day Sunday & Monday, Pacific time USA). You guys … Continue reading Book free on Amazon for 48 hours! (Kindle)

1000 Castaways, Chapter 1: System One

(←Introduction       Chapter 2→) Chapter 1 System One A  FLEET OF A THOUSAND COLONISTS are blown off course for weeks by a series of violent cyclones, eventually crashing onto the reefs of a large uncharted island. All of their ships and provisions are lost to sea. They wash ashore, all surviving the stormy … Continue reading 1000 Castaways, Chapter 1: System One

1000 CASTAWAYS: Fundamentals of Economics

UPDATE: It's Done! Live on Amazon here - 1000 CASTAWAYS: FUNDAMENTALS OF ECONOMICS is now available- Hardcover, Paperback, & Kindle at Hardcover, Paperback, & NOOK at Barnes & Noble   Angus and Robertson (Australia), Fishpond (New Zealand shipping),  Waterstones (UK), !NDIGO (Canada),  India Print Edition & Amazon India, South Africa Print Edition Ebook (Epub … Continue reading 1000 CASTAWAYS: Fundamentals of Economics