The Guernsey £: A Pirate’s Tale

OK, not exactly a pirate. But close enough for modern times. Jacques S. Jaikaran, M.D.: A Caribbean émigré-cum-doctor (via Leeds, England)-cum-Houston, Texas bank-board member & plastic surgeon (losing his license for issues "involving moral turpitude")-cum-US prisoner for tax-evasion & fighting for renewed Independence for the "Republic of Texas" (he tried to arrange for the "Republic of Texas" to purchase a "four-story building, similar to a compound, included machine gun turrets, a bomb shelter and a surgical operating room."

Book free on Amazon for 48 hours! (Kindle)

Hello everyone- I am making a Kindle version of 1000 Castaways: Fundamentals of Economics FREE on Amazon for reviewers for a short time - but anyone here can take advantage of this and get their free copy. It is free for the next 48 hours  (all day Sunday & Monday, Pacific time USA). You guys … Continue reading Book free on Amazon for 48 hours! (Kindle)

1000 Castaways, Chapter 2: System Two

(←Chapter 1       Chapter 3→) Chapter 2 System Two SO FAR WE HAVE SEEN how a system can emerge naturally that functions to help individuals better coordinate the use of real resources and thus increase the private production of society overall (Chapter 1). This increases the production of real goods and services for everyone. … Continue reading 1000 Castaways, Chapter 2: System Two

The Myth of the Currency Hierarchy

(response to Coppola's "The Myth of Monetary Sovereignty" and related discussions) PREFACE A) Properly understanding the macroeconomy allows countries to operate at their full real-resource potential, whatever that might be. B) Understanding the macroeconomy does not change the real resource potential of countries. That is a more fundamental question concerning the improvement of the institutions … Continue reading The Myth of the Currency Hierarchy